New Projects – Same Perspective

I reflect upon the opportunities that have come along and I am grateful to God for the open doors. While I was moving through the details in my mind, I jotted down a thought:

“Know your passion, keep your focus, have a solid perspective, do not compromise your boundaries, pray for wisdom and work hard. This will lead to the right doors and give you courage to close or walk past the wrong ones.”

The journey through this “re-entry” into the entertainment business has been one of learning, discipline, relearning – repeat. Things I have learned along the way have been invaluable in so many ways. The first thought… or “misthought” was, “Wow! The industry is going to be SOOOOOO GLAD I have returned to the screen.” Vain, I know, but sadly true. It could not have been any more opposite that was the case.

The last two years have been an exploration in networking, studying, volunteering, praying and busting my rump to find the right doors to knock upon. I hope to expound on that at a later opportunity.

Playing the character of Henry, a slave owner that has a thing or two to learn about humanity and the human spirit.

Playing the character of Henry, a slave owner that has a thing or two to learn about humanity and the human spirit.

There are a handful of projects that I am very honored to be a part. The first of which is a period piece, by Bed Head Media, where I play a plantation owner. The depth of brutality and the atrocities we have committed in history confound my understanding. This role was a painful and dark place to go. I cry when I see playback of this scene, which sets up a prestory to a deeper storyline. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with this group and look forward to sharing more in the near future.

Additionally, I am thrilled to  be a part of friend, Donald James Parker’s project, “Mission Improbable.” Another tortured character trying to find freedom in all the wrong places. We are currently shooting scenes in Tennessee and I hope to wrap this project by the end of the week. I am excited to see the end results of Director Matthew Perdie and Darren Dixon.

Some amazing moments being captured. Follow the hashtag #MissionImprobable to connect with more info behind the scenes and stay up to date with progress. I leave you with some images from the project and look forward to checking in soon.



Mission_Improbable02 Mission_Improbable01 Mission_Improbable003