Lesson 1: Bring it Every Take

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be involved with Donald James Parker’s movie, “Mission Improbable.” This marks my second project with this fine fellow, in this journey back into the biz. To say that I am thrilled to be in the mix is an understatement.

Some of the fantastic cast and crew from "Mission Improbable"

Some of the fantastic cast and crew from “Mission Improbable”

Along for the ride are several talented people that are directed by Matthew Perdie, Darren Dixon and Jessica Levai, respectively. These three with the amazing help of Melissa Pinkston and Adra Vashti Cooper, are steering the ship with all hands on deck. It is a breakneck pace at which we are filming. Even though the set is rippling with exitement, exhaustion is an undertone to everyone that have been for a couple of days. Very emotionally challenging work has been the norm for the past few days, as we shot some major scenes for the film.

Pic from the set of "Mission Improbable"

Pic from the set of “Mission Improbable”

The need to flex the acting muscles were in demand and the training I received at Dorsey Studios for the Performing Arts still works. I hope to share this with students and pass along the knowledge of creating character choices. Very intentional tasks create specific choices and this keeps each take fresh. There’s more to it than that, but the task is the backbone of the emotional foundation; the drive and intent of that moment on stage or screen.

The work of the actor is to “bring it” and make every take real; to find the moments that are happening in that character’s life and synch them with your own heartbeat. This can be learned. This can be taught.

“Bring it Every Take and people will take notice.”
Collin Alexander Brown

Stay tuned…

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