Monthly Archives: March 2014

Demo Reel

Here’s a quick 2 minute demo reel. More to come!
Several projects not yet on this reel have just been shot and in post production. I had the privilege of working with Crazy Legs Productions, to start off January 2014, playing lead detective on a Texas murder. It was so amazing to work with directors Scott Thigpen and J.D. Taylor as well as the rest of their amazing peeps. Watch for “Bloodlands,” this summer!

Also in the queue is “Here the Vulture Waits,” starring Doug Kalish, Russell Comegys, Mark Ashworth and Jeph Cange. Directed by Clayton Patterson and written by Zachary P. Lovelace, this project is just about to make its way into the indie film circuit. As I reentered the industry, I was blessed to land a small role in this production.

The most recent project that I had the pleasure of working on comes out of Whitestone Motion Pictures ProtegĂ© Project. The short film, “The Hideout,” written and directed by the super-talented Mackenzie Reiland was shot in a few days with an ultra lean production team that rocked beyond words. With a script entirely in German, it was a brilliant period piece that conveys the tragedy of the Holocaust while projecting the hope of the human spirit. I look forward to sharing these and other projects with you very soon. Stay tuned!!!

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